Gifted 2E Sup​port

Customer Testimonials

Joining the 2e Facebook support group has really helped navigate and learn in such a caring and warm online environment.

The road of a 2e child is so special and a joy but it doesn’t come with a map or set of instructions, full of challenges and obstacles and this group has helped so much with their generous sharing of information and support.

A massive thank you and keep up the exceptional work!

Great tuition service. Our son is so happy with his tutor. She really understands him.

Great Support and Information.

The Gifted 2E Support facebook group is an excellent source of information for parents and a rare chance to connect with others with lived experience and empathy.

Community and advocacy is positive and supportive, raises much needed awareness of an important topic.

Fantastic support group with very knowledgeable and respectful community. Really good to have that balance in understanding the challenges associated with both Es.

It’s a great place to ask for help and advice and also to help others. The collective experience of the Facebook group is amazing.