Gifted 2E Sup​port


~Gift Packs Now Available~

Calm Sleep Lavender Gift Pack

One times sleep eze roll-on

One times lavender sleep sack. From $28.00

Sensory Bangles Gift Pack

One Jools Neon Coil Bangles

One Summer Bangles


Calming and Comforting Gift Pack

One Weighted Lap Buddy

One Lavender Weighted Heat Pack.


Squeezy Sensory Gift Pack

One Mesh Squishy ball, one Squeeze-a-ball and one Buddy Bands.


These and many more available in store

Designer T-Shirts Available

Click below to read all about them and their artists

Jewellery Available in Store

Hand made by our resident artist- Jules.

Proudly Exceptional aims to raise funds for the Australian twice-exceptional community by providing products that are supportive, entertaining and / or educational for children (and adults) with a range of diverse interests and needs. We also use our platform to celebrate 2E talent by selling arts, crafts and designs created by Australian Twice-Exceptional People

We only buy from Australian owned companies and, where possible, support Australian industry. We support twice-exceptional artists and craftspeople in our community by providing a platform for selling their products as well.

All donations and profits from purchases made in our store go back into Gifted 2E Support, Australia for supporting twice-exceptional children and their families.

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