Gifted 2E Sup​port

Gifted 2E Support

Our Organisation, Mission, Services and History

Our Mission

Gifted 2E Support is an Australian registered business (ABN 45 425 808 899) providing services for twice-exceptional (2E) children, their families and others who support them.

People living with twice-exceptionality (2E) have high intellectual potential, demonstrated talent, or creative productivity in one or more areas while simultaneously possessing one or more sensory-kinaesthetic, emotional, social, cognitive, physical, or learning disabilities or neurodiversity.

Gifted 2E Support Australia focuses on supporting 2E children, teens and adults, their families and professionals who work with them, through the provision of educational consultancy, counselling, advocacy, tutoring, networking systems, and products to ease the complexities of life with twice-exceptionality.

Life with twice-exceptionality can be erratic and challenging, as well as rewarding. Often the most challenging aspect is supporting 2E children, teens and adults through their learning journeys. Our mission is to help those within the parent and professional community of Australia who are finding it challenging getting the services and education they need for the 2E children and adolescents in their care. With this, all funds donated and profits made through our online shop go toward this cause.

The primary aims of our organisation are:

  1. To support parents and professionals with parental and learning strategies, contacts, advocacy and products which may assist 2E children to succeed and become the great adults they have the potential to be;
  2. To provide an avenue for networking with parents of 2E children, twice-exceptional teens and adults, to gain support from shared experiences and, with this, opportunities to make like-minded friends;
  3. To provide a platform for the 2E community to promote arts, products, and services for and by 2E people; and
  4. To keep service costs down to make them accessible to all families who need them.
  • Gifted 2E Support uses all profits from the services and products it provides to pursue these objectives.

Our History

Did you know Gifted 2E Support was originally a small group of parents in South Australia who saw a need for a support group specifically for 2E children? Run by GTCASA (Gifted and Talanted Children’s Association of SouthAustralia) committee members, then known as GLDSA (Gifted with Learning Disabilities South Australia), it was started in 2012. At this time all meetings were face to face in a local library once per month, with the primary aim being for parents involved to discuss and advise each other concerning our twice-exceptional / GLD children, and finding the best and broadest level of quality support and information regarding parenting twice-exceptional (GLD) children.

In 2013, with our membership numbers growing throughout Adelaide, we saw a need to connect more broadly and regularly so started the closed Facebook Forum to extend support, then known as Gifted 2E Support (GLDSA) – now known as Gifted 2E Support, Australia. From here the group gained traction with more members joining each day from all around Australia. In 2015 our group had become so popular, we had more than 500 members nation wide and extended our administration team to include parents and professionals from states outside South Australia. This is when the name changed to Gifted 2E Support, Australia.

Today our primary means of parental support is through the Facebook group, as well as regular meet and greet events aimed at connecting twice-exceptional children and their parents. Our meeting dates are distributed via the Facebook group and an email distribution list. The email list is for South Australians only and still affiliated with GTCASA. The Facebook group is national and run by an administration team of volunteers.

The Facebook group currently has a following of almost 1400 members from Australia and parts of New Zealand. It is confidential. With this increase in following, and wishing to separate commercial support from parent support, we started a public Facebook page in 2017. The public page is where events and support associations are published, and a link to our group can be found. It is accessible at In 2019, with the rise in following, a need for more services was eminent, and so we developed a web page which provides more information about twice-exceptionality and our services including an online store that raises funds for the community, and we reigstered the company as a business with an ABN

Gifted 2E Support is currently working toward being recognised as a not-for-profit organisation with the primary aim of providing support through a range of services for the 2E community nationwide.