Gifted 2E Sup​port

Meet Our Artists and the Products They Contribute


Designed by Rachel Segal.

From a very early age, Rachel Segal showed a deep interest in visual arts. She has participated in holiday programs and regularly attends before-school art classes.

Rachel takes great delight in exploring colours, shapes and textures, and has worked with a wide variety of mediums, 

including pencils, water colours, chalk pastels, charcoal and acrylic paints.

She is a published illustrator, having created illustrations to go with each of the piano compositions in her brother Alexander’s book “Ten before Ten”. 

Peacock- Premium Adults and Kids Youth Tee

2E Bloom - Kids Youth Tee

Designed by Lorcan

Lorcan is a 14-year-old artist who has won several awards, including the junior category of the Northern Beaches Art Prize,

and an Honourable Mention in the Young Archies.

Lorcan is currently setting up a small business to create logos, flyers, and other design needs.

Dark Side of Light - Premium Adults and Kids Youth Tee.

2E Rocket - Premium Adults and Kids Youth Tee.

Designed by Amy Drury

Amy has a great love for animals, nature, and a passion for food and cooking.

This is what Amy has to say about her design: "Be Bold."

"My poem is about children who have gone through a tough time. If a child is having a hard time, it inspires people to be bold. When the poem says 'there comes a time to be bold', it means that when you go through a lot, you have to be brave and bold.

The dragons are a mum who has a lot of gear on because she has been through a lot, and now she is bold because she practised standing up for herself. She is teaching her son to be brave so he can face what happens in school. Everybody at least once in their life is going to be teased, and you need to know how to face it. My name is Amy, and I get teased at school and want to help other kids fight bullying"

Be Bold - Kids Youth Tee

Other Artists Showcased in Proudly Exceptional


Jewellery by Jules Creator

Jules is a solo Mum to an amazing 2E daughter. Like so many, it was through the journey of discovery with her daughter that Jules discovered she was 2E also. It saddens her to think about all the “what ifs” if she’d been diagnosed as a child and provided with the right tools, self-knowledge, education and support systems. However, she chooses to mostly try and focus on the positives and be the person she needed so desperately then, for her daughter now.

Due to a mix of her Exceptionalities, Jules has had a wide variety of jobs and careers. Unfortunately, she struggles with severe chronic illnesses and auto-immune diseases, making life extremely challenging at times and has been unable to work a ‘proper’ job for many years now.

Through this journey, her creativity started to come alive: first with photography, then with painting and subsequent jewellery and homewares creations. She is self-taught and thrives on challenging herself and feels energised by nature, colours and patterns, and learning cool new skills.

Jules’ painting style is abstract in its fluid art style. She is heavily inspired by what she notices in nature, whether it’s the micro details of iridescent insect life, the vast calming oceans, exquisite sunsets, aerial views of tulip fields, geodes and other geology formations, birds, the planets, forests, flower petals and so much more. Jules and her daughter work on these creative pursuits together, and both the art therapy and the nature mindfulness help them cope with their busy brains and anxiety.

As well as her art providing self-therapy, she also creates it as a therapy for others and is happiest when customers and friends comment on the joy a piece brings to them through the colours, textures, or natural form reminders.

Amanda Drury:

Artistic Photographer.

Amanda is a twice-exceptional adult with a passion for photography, cooking and twice-exceptional education. Amanda has ADHD and often uses photography as her creative outlet.

All of the photography for our Gift Cards and Calendars is shot by Amanda.