Gifted 2E Sup​port

Our consultancy, advocacy and counselling services cost $66 per hour ($55 for subscribing members). We can work closely with you to help your child receive the best supports for their needs. This service is available online, Australia wide, or face to face in the areas below. All our consultants and counsellors are fully trained in the complex needs of twice-exceptional children and their families and are ready to help.

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Brisbane Area, Queensland

Renata Osgood: Kangaroo Point, Early Childhood Consultant and Play Therapist

I live with my husband,Matt, our son, Micah and our Jackoodle puppy, Frankie. Our 2e son is 7 years old and is verbally gifted. He has a diagnosis of Autism Level 1. I am an Early Childhood Teacher and my husband is an Engineer. I have over 20 years of experience working in Education, Early Intervention, Special Needs (Autism) and Family Support. While my work is my passion, I love to ‘stop and smell the roses’ with my family and friends (human and puppy) every day. I love cooking, music, art, travelling and learning about the world and other cultures. As Micah grows older, I have more time available to share my skills and knowledge with others who are living the 2e journey like me. I am kind and friendly, calm, flexible and creative. I like to think I have a good sense of humour too! Above all, I understand the importance of a safe, trusting relationship with my clients, to bring out the best in them. To the parents, carers and children reading this, I cannot wait to meet you and learn all about your family and the things you love most in life!

Sydney Area, New South Wales

Jenni Reeves: Bexley North, Consultant and Advocate

Despite, being a trained high school teacher I had never heard of the term “twice-exceptional” until we discovered my son’s twice-exceptionality in early 2019. This was a game-changer for our family. It hasn’t been any easy road. We have now chosen to home-school him and it is a joy to see him flourish once again. As I have explored the fascinating world of neurodiversity, I have discovered my own 2E identity. I have experience in working with individuals with autism, ADHD, anxiety, passive demand avoidance, dysgraphia, poor executive functioning, and behavioural challenges. My passion is to help 2E children and their families thrive! I am currently undertaking a Masters of Gifted Education at UNSW to better equip me for this. Over the years I have enjoyed a few different careers as a research scientist, a high school science teacher (Science & Maths) and a Salvation Army officer. I have a Ph.D. in Aquaculture, a Bachelor of Science, a Diploma of Education, a Bachelor of Theology and a Diploma of Chaplaincy. We currently live in Bexley North in Sydney. In our spare time, our family enjoys camping, playing board games and Minecraft. We also have three dogs to keep us entertained!

Adelaide Area, South Australia

Amanda Drury: Windsor Gardens, Counsellor, Consultant and Advocate.

I am a founding member of Gifted 2E Support, Australia, and parent of two twice-exceptional children, both mildly gifted, one on the Autism Spectrum with Pathological Demand Avoidance, the other with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Anxiety, and ADHD. I am also 2E myself, so understand the needs of twice-exceptional children from first hand experience. I have been teaching and tutoring 4-12-year-olds for nineteen years, including the Arts and gifted enrichment groups, both in Australia and overseas, and have had experience with a variety of twice-exceptional children. I currently manage the Gifted 2E Support, Australia organisation with the primary aim being to raise funds for and provide services to the twice-exceptional community. I have a Masters Degree in Gifted Education and am currently studying a Masters Degree Special Education and a Graduate Certificate in Counselling, including Art Therapies. I use my knowledge and experience to run both parent workshops and teacher professional development workshops, relating to supporting the needs of twice-exceptional children.