Gifted 2E Sup​port

Current Services Offered at Gifted 2E Support

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  • Gifted 2E Support Facebook Page and Group: Free to access for all parents of twice-exceptional children, twice-exceptional teens and adults who could benefit from some help, support, and networking the facebook page and group is run by a team of volunteer administrators who have an understanding and experience with twice-exceptionality. The group is good for networking with other parents who understand, and is completely private. To join the facebook group, contact us, and we will send you an invitation, or message us via our facebook page.
  • Professional Development in Twice-exceptional needs and education: Are you a teacher or principal who has one or more twice-exceptional children in your school? Are you at a loss as to how to support them? We can help. Professional development seminars for teachers, childcare workers and other professionals are held in a variety of places for a small fee. Our professional development guru, Amanda, is happy to provide them interstate for the cost of her travel and accommodation. Amanda also periodically holds webinars regarding twice-exceptionality. Contact us if you would like more information.
  • Consultancy, and Advocacy: Are you struggling to understand your child's needs? Perhaps you are having trouble working with your child's school, teachers or professionals? We can help. A paid service, educational consultancy service is available, primarily through the Zoom platform or over the telephone, Australia wide, or face to face in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. Our consultants can work closely with you to help your child receive the best supports for their needs from yourself, your child's school and professionals. Our consultants can also act as advocates for you in meetings with schools and other professionals. We currently have consultants working in Sydney and Adelaide with an early childhood play therapist consultant in Brisbane.
  • Advocacy Reports with a 2E lens: Do you have several assessment reports for your child? Are you struggling to make sense of them all? Perhaps you would like to understand your child's WISC V cognitive assessment a little better. We can help. For a fee, our trained professional, Amanda Drury will analyse your assessment reports and write an advocacy report from a strengths and support perspecitive to establish the most effective individual home and school supports and any futher investigations that may be needed for your child. Contact us if you would like more information.
  • Counselling and Mindfulness: Does your child suffer anxiety or depression? Perhaps your child is disenchanted and frustrated with school? We can help. A paid service, our counsellors are trained in the unique needs of twice-exceptional children and can help your child to sort out the 'noise' of frustration, anxiety and depression using a variety of counselling techniques.
  • Proudly Exceptional Shop for selling products that have an evidence base in assisting children and adults with twice-exceptional needs.
  • Proudly Exceptional Artists' Platform to give 2E children and adults creative exposure and the opportunity to sell their designs on t-shirts and other craft projects giving them at least 40 percent of all profits from their products.