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Who Are We?

Gifted 2E Support and Proudly Exceptional are Australian registered businesses (ABN 45 425 808 899) providing services for twice-exceptional (2E) people, their families and others who support them. While we have some paid staff, we are primarily run by volunteers.

Twice-exceptional people are intellectually gifted in the top ten per cent of the population while also having additional disabilities, learning difficulties, needs, or challenges beyond the demands that come with giftedness alone.

Life for 2E people and parents of 2E children can be erratic and challenging but also rewarding. Often the most difficult aspect is support for their complex needs and through their learning journeys. That's where we come in. Whether it is health and educational support for your child through our trained consultants or using one of our disability care workers to give you and your child respite from the challenges of everyday life, we help in various ways. Our consultants and disability care workers are fully trained in the unique needs of twice-exceptionality and are here to help. We also support health and educational professionals with informative seminars, one-on-one consultations, assistance, and encouragement to work effectively with their twice-exceptional clients.

Our focus is consultancy, advocacy and support for parents, families and those that work with twice-exceptional (2E), neurodiverse, and gifted people, Australia wide.

We Care Because We've Been There.‚Äč

What is Twice Exceptionality?

The Complexities of Being 2E.

Our Gifted Kids Podcast



~with Amanda Drury, Managing Director and Consultant with Gifted 2E Support

Our Gifted Kids Podcast

What is Gifted Assessment?

~with Amanda Drury, Managing Director and Consultant with Gifted 2E Support